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10 months ago

Dear Author,

My name is Monsoon, and I am a content writer for Sociology Group, a platform that specializes in social science disciplines, book reviews, and author interviews. We have a strong following and reach a diverse audience interested in thought-provoking literature and engaging with authors on a personal level.

I recently came across your book, "DISCOVERING MOM," and I was deeply intrigued by its premise and the themes it explores, particularly the journey of identity and self-discovery during the 1970s in Oklahoma. It sounds like a compelling and emotionally charged story, and we believe that our readers would be very interested in learning more about it.

We would like to invite you for an email-based interview where we can delve into your book and your life as an author. This interview would provide a fantastic opportunity to share your insights, experiences, and the inspiration behind "DISCOVERING MOM" with our audience. We typically ask 10-15 well-researched questions that explore various aspects of your work and your journey as a writer.

If you are interested in participating in this interview, we would be delighted to send you further details, including our sample interviews, and work out a schedule that aligns with your availability.

Your unique storytelling and the fascinating characters you've mentioned in your book promise to make for an engaging and insightful conversation. We believe that your insights and experiences would greatly enrich our readers' understanding of your work.

Please let us know if you are interested in this opportunity, and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and discuss the next steps.

Thank you for considering our request, and we look forward to the possibility of featuring you and "DISCOVERING MOM" on Sociology Group.

Warm regards,

Content Writer, Sociology Group